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Mission & Strategic Priorities


ACS GCIPR’s mission is to catalyze the implementation of green chemistry and green engineering in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic Priorities

Inform and Influence the Research Agenda

  • To monitor and identify new research opportunities with implications for more efficient process development and production.
  • To influence the technical agendas of federal/international funding agencies by defining needs and advocating investment in specific areas of green chemistry and engineering innovation.
  • To encourage external funding support for research in academic and government laboratories that will have direct value to the pharmaceutical industry.

Tools for Innovation

  • To identify, design, and provide tools available to member companies to promote green chemistry and engineering innovation within the industry. To provide a centralized resource for accumulating alternatives, sharing tools, maintaining the toolbox, and minimizing duplication of effort.

Educational Resource

  • To educate and influence today’s and tomorrow’s pharmaceutical leaders on the business value and scientific merit of green chemistry and engineering and its application in the pharmaceutical industry.

Global Collaboration

  • To provide green chemistry and engineering expertise to pharmaceutical corporations worldwide by utilizing the ACS GCI network of international affiliates and researchers and by sharing best practices among our members.
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