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Educating Leaders

The ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable puts a priority on educating and influencing current and future pharmaceutical leaders on the business and scientific value of green chemistry and engineering within the industry.

Online Learning Platform

The Roundtable is now steward of an educational website developed by a European public-private partnership dedicated to the development of manufacturing sustainable pharmaceuticals: the Chem21 Learning Platform. The platform is an excellent resource for medicinal and process chemists who are interested in learning about how to make the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients greener.

Go to the Chem21 Learning Platform

Training Workshops

Roundtable member company chemists offer regular training workshops at ACS National Meetings, universities, member campuses and other locations. Check back frequently for upcoming events.

Upcoming Workshops

Practical Green Chemistry Tools and Techniques for Research and Development Scientists

ACS National Meeting in San Diego, Tuesday, August 27, 2019, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

This workshop will equip industry-based R&D chemists and engineers as well as graduate students with practical green chemistry tools, methods and metrics. We will cover green chemistry basics through to the most recent innovative tools and metrics widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The workshop will be tailored toward scientists and engineers working in batch chemical operations in common use within the pharma industry but the tools may be applied to other allied chemical industries.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of green chemistry and engineering.
  • Tools that the pharma industry routinely uses to optimize their synthetic chemical processes.
  • How to use these tools to make “greener” decisions in synthetic drug design and process development.
  • Real-world applications from experienced pharma industry process development chemists.


  • Javier Magano, Principal Scientist, Pfizer
  • Christine Aurigemma, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer
  • Isamir Martinez, Ph.D., Program Manager, ACS Green Chemistry Institute®

Register for this workshop when you sign up for the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA. Or, contact Space is limited. The workshop is free, however, there is a small deposit required to secure your seat that will be refunded upon completion of the workshop.

Workshops at the 6th Industrial Green Chemistry World Conference in India

October 19, 2019 – Teachers’ Workshop
October 20, 2019 – Students’ Workshop


Roundtable members actively participate in scientific conferences around the world and present on green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry.

Upcoming Presentations

At the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, California, August 25 – 29, 2019:

6th Industrial Green Chemistry World – Convention and Ecosystem

October 16-17, 2019, India


Peter J. Dunn Award for Green Chemistry & Engineering Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry
In 2016, the Roundtable established the Peter J. Dunn Award for Green Chemistry & Engineering Impact in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This award recognizes outstanding implementation of green chemistry and engineering that has led to safety and environmental improvements. The award was established in honor of Peter J. Dunn of Pfizer (for whom it was subsequently named).

Year Winner Institution
2018 Bruce Lipshutz University of California, Santa Barbara
Sachin Handa University of Louisville
2016 Peter J. Dunn Pfizer

ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Student Travel Awards
The Roundtable provides $1,000 travel awards to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are selected to present in a “Making Organic Chemistry More Sustainable” symposium at the 24th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference to be held June 16-18, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. Please check back for more information in December 2019.

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