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Walter Cabri, Alessandra Tolomelli, and Lucia Ferrazzano, University of Bologna, $80,000
“New technology for continuous flow liquid-phase sustainable synthesis of therapeutic peptides”

Hans Renata of Rice University, $80,000
“Biocatalytic Synthesis of Phosphorothioate-Containing Nucleosides”

Marcel Schreier and Shannon Stahl of the University of Wisconsin Madison, $80,000
“Realizing the advantages of alternating polarity electrosynthesis at constant potential through controlled mass transport”

Andrew Teixeira and Patricia Musacchio of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, $80,000
“Overcoming light penetration challenges in photochemical reactions through a micro-LED packed bed reactor”

Jeffrey Lipshultz, Stony Brook University, $40,000
“Aminomutase-Inspired Green Radical Amination”

Marvin Parasram, New York University, $40,000
“Dihydroxylation of Propellanes via Tandem Cycloaddition/Hydrogenation of Photoexcited Nitroarenes”

Bruce Arndtsen, McGill University, $40,000
“A Versatile Approach to Carboxylic Acid Derivatives with Earth Abundant Catalysts and Visible Light”

Neil Dixon, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, $40,000
“Sustainable Solvent Production”

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